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Links to other signalling resources:

Australian Kindred Societies, Resources and Link pages:

Signalling Interest Group Queensland: SIGQ

New South Wales; South Australia and Victoria Signal Diagrams and Photos

Signals & Safeworking of N. S. W. (Australia) and MORE! Andrew's Rail & Tram Site

Victorian (Australia) signalling pages: V. R. Signals and Signal Cabins and MORE! Chris Gordon's VicSig

International Resources and Link pages:

John Hinson's excellent British Signalling Site: The Signal Box

he Signalling and Railway disaster Site: Danger Ahead..!

The New York Subway Signalling site: New York Subway

The Railway link Site with hundreds of Links: RailServe

Additional information Resources & Libraries for Signalling Research:

The Battye Library for Western Australia's railway history at the: Alexander Library of W. A.

The State Records Office of Western Australia: SRO

Signalling Equipment Companies:

: AnsaldoSTS

   Westinghouse Signals Australia:

   Siemens Signals:

   Upper Quadrant Signalling:

Professional Signalling and Research Groups:

   The Institution of Railway Signalling Engineers Home Page: I. R. S. E.

Office of Rail Safety

   The Signalling Record Society U. K.:
S. R. S. - U. K.

   Clive Feather's Signalling pages: C.D.W.F.

Groups with operating and / or preserved Signal Cabins or Signalling:

  Rail Heritage
WA:  Bassendean Museum

   Exeter West. The 131 lever, restored former G.W.R. signal Cabin by:  The Exeter West Group

   The Railway Age - 3 full size signal boxes and many signalling displays in Crewe, England:  The Railway Age museum

   The Romsey Signal Box Project:  The Romsey Signal Box

   The Bluebell Railway's S. & T. Dept.: Bluebell S & T

   The South Devon Railway: S. D. R.

   The Midland Railway Signalman's Association: Midland Signalmen


   The Claremont Signal
Cabin - International page: The Claremont Cabin @ The Signal Box

   The Western Australian page: To the Claremont Cabin

Signalling Simulations:

   Siam Signalling and Driving Simulations. These have been around since the days of the Commodore
64..! Siam

   PC-Rail Simulations: PC - Rail

   Train Despatcher - American and Australian Train control programs:  Train Despatcher

   An Australian site with some of the above programs:  Series 567 Railvideo

  Computer gaming software that shows great potential for making 'virtual models' of real stations! Trainz

Signalling in Miniature:

A 7 1/4" gauge railway with a great signalling system - The Great Cockrow Railway, England: Great Cockrow Railway's S & T Dept.

A 7 1/4" gauge railway with a great signalling system - Victorian (Australian) practice: Diamond Valley Railway

A 7 1/4" gauge railway in Western Australia: Castledare Miniature Railway

Signalling Models:

   New Zealand Finescale - A supplier of superb S Scale (1/64th scale or 3/16" to the Foot) signal parts to suit modellers of New Zealand or Queensland or W. A. G. R. narrow (3' 6") gauge railways. These are highly accurate representations of the McKenzie & Holland Somersault signals and associated equipment used by these railways

  Marbellup Valley Railway - A superb S Scale (1/64th scale or 3/16" to the Foot) example of how to 'put it all together' when it comes to signalling a layout as per W. A. G. R. practice using components from CTI Electronics (see link below), using DCC control systems

The Historical Model Railway Society

Electronics & Computer control for Signalling Models:

   CTI Electronics - A software supplier in the U. S. A. that makes controlling your signalled layout fast, easy, and fun. CTI allows you to interface your entire model railroad to any personal computer

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